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My daughter C Lynn Hayden is an acomplished Writer,her book Living A Fairytale was published when she was 18 she has a new book almost ready for publishing
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A fellow told me one time don't build a 
new wheel roll one that's already made. This guy was talking about  business. Use someone's product that is selling and you sell it! Then have someone sell it for you and give them 50% of the profits (10 people with a $5.00 profit $50.00 $25.00 for them $25.00 for you!
I think we spend to much time looking for bad news,and bad news does'nt help no one, I like being a good news merchant and looking for good news. We need to spread GOOD news not bad news 
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A New Way To Use Batteries Drag Raceing.
with a little ajustment we could ride across the USA 
DD Robert L Wilson was on this ship in 1968
Joplin & Springfield Railway
in Springfield Missouri